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Who I am and how I came to write the things on this site

I’m Eric Love, born in 1980.

I’ve been following Jesus most of my life, which theoretically should be the thing which most defines who I am and what I do.

I’ve been obsessed with numbers and maps most of my life, and I often think about big-picture issues – I often see things from a zoomed-out view.

Being a thinker committed to Jesus means I am often thinking about many issues in the Church and its mission (the present internet era has encouraged and brought together many such thinkers). Being a maps & numbers nerd means I apply my mathematical and geographical knowledge to such issues, and the Distribution and Counting Christians articles are among the results of that.

I work part-time as a software developer in Hawthorn, having been a hobby programmer for much of my life (some games, music and other stuff on my webspace). Mappage is the result of my software skills meeting my passion for maps.

I lived most of my life with my family in Payneham and I was part of Glen Osmond Baptist Church (aka GO Network) for eight years.

During 2008-13 I lived in Cheltenham and was part of Cheltenham Baptist Church, serving as a youth leader.

Being the zoomed-out person means I’m big on inter-church & para-church work. In particular I had a big part in running Big Week Out during 2004-10.

Many of my readers will probably be church leaders of some sort. I’ve mostly avoided leadership myself (or at least named roles), unlike the majority of writers about these things, who speak from a leader’s perspective.

Many of my friends in various kinds of ministries have said they find the articles and Mappage useful; I’m just pleased that my nerdy endeavours sitting at the computer can help advance the kingdom. If there’s anything I can do for anyone along the lines of what’s there, let me know. – 0421253504


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